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New Things To Play With in Google Products

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For online marketers, the neverending tweaking of Google products by Google, can often mean it’s hard to stay up to date with the latest features and small changes. This is a shame, because often the things they are adding are things to make your job easier! To make sure you’re not missing out, here are a few little updates to Google products you might have missed lately. Read More


How to Sell Digital Marketing To Your Boss

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If you’re an employee, you know that any innovation or change to business processes that you might want to implement will need to be approved by your boss first. If you’re sold on digital marketing, you need to sell it to them too, and that’s not always easy.

The Problem: To a person who isn’t on board with digital, many digital methods can seem abstract, which translates as unreliable and risky.

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Marketers Tips: Using Google Tag Manager for Event Tracking

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With the introduction this year of Google Tag Manager, marketers have (in theory) been able to become more autonomous and less reliant on their web development team. The newest feature is the ability to track events without adding any code to the event on your page – now you can do it with some configuring within your Tag Manager. Having said that, Google Tag Manager isn’t the best documented or most user-friendly tool around, so we have put together a handy list of resources and concepts to help you get your events tracked with Google Tag Manager. Read More

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