Online Shopping Statistics – Australia

For the 2011 update of Online Shopping Statistics in Australia click here.


The CCI at Swinburne University of Technology released a report in May outlining the online habits of Australian internet users. The report presents findings from the second survey of the Australian component of the World Internet Project.


Where we live, whether we download illegally, what we think of restricted content, how we stay in contact with friends – even how internet usage has affected our book-reading, there is a lot of information in there (and it is downloadable for free!).


What is of most interest to me (and my clients) though, is the online SHOPPING habits of Australians. I was surprised to discover that Australians appear to be some of the most avid online shoppers in the world, with over two thirds of users making an online purchase every month, and nearly 90% of users using the internet to research products.


Between the last survey (2007) and this one (2009), the number of users spending more than $500 online per month more than doubled to 22.6%.


Other interesting findings of the survey:

  • Over 75% of users use the internet to make travel reservations
  • Over 70% use it to pay bills online
  • Over 60% purchase event tickets online
  • And 73% of users had researched goods online before purchasing from a local store, while 41% reported they look at goods in stores before buying online



Australians are increasingly comfortable, and interested in, online shopping, which means a website and the accompanying online marketing should be a priority for retailers targetting Australians. Shops offering easy to find, and use, online shops will benefit from Australians eager adoption of internet technology.

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