Online Shopping Statistics 2011- Australia

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Not much has changed since the CCI 2010 report which highlighted Australia’s attraction to online shopping, as the 2011 survey suggests. According to the study, online shopping usage has maintained its popularity with 99% of the respondents using the internet for shopping and 96% using it for product research purposes. Though different in methodology to the CCI study, the sample group which comprised of almost 3000 internet shoppers provided valuable insight into the attitude and behaviour of Australian Internet shoppers.


online shopping statistics

Source: 2011 Survey

The survey identified the key demographics which comprised the Australian online shopper, married females constituting the dominant usage group. So husbands lock up those credit cards. Proportionately, males also had a strong presence as well as unmarried couples, where 70% of the respondents worked with 75% making $50 000 or more a year.


Other key insights of the survey:

  • 82% believed they would find the best price by researching products online.
  • 80% of respondents believed retailer websites were the best place to research products online.
  • However, 72% of respondents saw price as the primary determinant to click through to retailer websites
  • 86% favoured to shop offline as there was a preference to see the item before purchase.

This survey has shown the Australian online shopper has greater inclination and acceptance to shop online. Though these results may have to be taken with a grain of salt due to the exclusivity of the sample group (online shoppers), it does beg the question, is the age of the retail store over? With the growing popularity of online shopping due to its convenience and accessibility as a consumer research base, it just could be.

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