Offline Inspiring Online Marketing

By August 31, 2009 Digital Marketing No Comments

Today I was surfing the net and looking at design blogs, and a post from really grabbed my attention.

The post is a collection of pictures of bus stop advertising – not boring posters, but original ideas which were different, grabbed attention, and some really worked specifically for bus stops.

However, the best was saved until last, and was a picture of a 3M ad. (Major apologies, image function not working right now, will input image soon – visit that link to see it now).

It is the wall of a bus stop filled with cash (some fake, top bits real), and covered with their product – Security Glass. This is a physical demonstration of their product, with a bit of wow factor added in. It certainly got my attention, and made me think – how cool is this? How can I recreate this online?

Well, the thing with online and offline these days  is, that they are starting to come closer and closer together. The lines are being blurred. 3M could easily have spruiked this ad online –

  • Lauching the ad online via Twitter, Facebook or other social media – including photo’s and explanations of the ad.
  • Continue the campaign by posting video’s of people interacting with the ad
  • Maps of the location of the bus stops so people could check them out

Similarly, there is a cool post from Designer Daily , showing ‘Unconventional urban marketing’ techniques.

For example, moss graffiti, reverse graffiti and snow tagging. These are all completely cool ideas, but how to transfer them online? Well, these kinds of marketing are obviously location specific, so a Facebook application, Flickr, Youtube or Twitter campaign could alert people to where they are, display photo’s of the artwork, or even show how they are made.

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