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Yes, as mentioned on Friday, today is the first day of my Google Diet. Due to over exposure of Google on this blog and my increasing discomfort over their more and more obvious domination, I have decided to take a break from rehashing Google based news.

It is easy today as there was nothing I could find about them in the papers or Search Engine Land, and of course I am not going to give their blog a hit today. I hope they haven’t made a time traveller while I am not looking….

So, what is going on with Yahoo and Microsoft lately? Well, if you go over to the Yahoo Search blog you will see they have made another development in their enhanced search results. Now webmasters can embed flash videos, documents or games directly into their search results. I think this is quite cool, although all these embedded things could become quite cluttered.

Previous to this there was already the possiblity for enhanced search results using an ability to display a main image, a table of contents or even a Facebook page where you can poke and add friends.

Wikipedia has already got these embedded images going on their site:

Yahoo embed

To find out how to improve your sites ‘clickability’ by enhancing your search results, visit the Yahoo blog  and it will give you the code you need to add to your page. It doesn’t appear to me yet that any big brands are taking Yahoo up on this offer, I only found examples from Wikipedia. Even Yahoo and Google haven’t found a good use for it, if you type either brand you get pretty standard results (except for the Wikipedia entry, which will display the brands logo).

Now for Microsoft news…They announced the closing of their AdCenter analytics capability. I am not sure how many people used it, but wouldn’t you be massively annoyed if you did? You need to change packages, transfer or save any historical data, and all this from a provider who you will supposedly keep buying from…maybe not?

They did advise people on what service they could transfer to, Google analytics among them.

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