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Google Products

For online marketers, the neverending tweaking of Google products by Google, can often mean it’s hard to stay up to date with the latest features and small changes. This is a shame, because often the things they are adding are things to make your job easier! To make sure you’re not missing out, here are a few little updates to Google products you might have missed lately.

Google Adwords

The new ‘undo’ button in the Change History report helps you undo any of the changes you’ve made to the account. If you see a big fall in your campaigns, you can try and ferret out the change that caused it and hit ‘undo’!
updates adwords undo

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager has actually had a significant redesign in the last month. The new thing that I particularly love is the addition of explanation throughout a lot of the interface – when you are creating tags, filters or macros, Tag Manager now gives you more explanation of what they do and what kind of information you should enter. This answers a lot of the criticism that said there wasn’t enough documentation for Tag Manager and that it wasn’t so easy for marketers to use.

Tag Manager Explanations


Google Webmaster Tools

There are actually two changes in WMT I would like to mention. One, is that the search queries list in WMT will no longer be rounded into buckets. So now you won’t see estimates of clicks and impressions, you will see actual numbers. (No more <10). This gives more granularity and insight, and is good considering such high proportions of organic keywords in Analytics are now (not provided). Note that the keyword data is still only available for the last 90 days.

Finally, this isn’t life changing, but I did think it was cute and informative for beginners to SEO. This handy little screen below, which you can access if you click the info icon next to ‘Search Appearance’ in the left menu, is an example of a search results page and allows you to click on any of the features on it to get an explanation of what it is, and even better, how you can influence it.

New Google WMT keywords

I hope you find these new features useful!






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