New Google Interface

By June 30, 2011 Google News No Comments

Lots of big changes with Google this week. I already spoke about the Google +1 email I got r.e. the Adwords rollout. I won’t comment yet on Google Plus, as I haven’t yet grabbed an invitation, but I will comment on the new interface.

The new colour scheme is a radical, if simple, change because Google rarely makes changes to it’s interface.

Google Interface black

The black top bar, and the black and red font in the left, are a departure from the usual Blue, and jar very slightly with the blue results.

There are other slight differences including these highlighted below. The first two relate to whether or not you have already viewed the page, the second two relate to your location.

Google visited pages and not visited pages

And the ability to get results close to your location via postcode (not in Oz);

Google location search

However, I was very upset to see that The Wonder Wheel is now gone from the sidebar, and I can’t seem to find a link to it anywhere anymore.

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