New Bing Features

By July 14, 2009 Search News No Comments

Search Engine Bing has now added another feature to it’s search results page – excerpts from the page of each result, which can be viewed by rolling over an icon placed at the right of each entry.

Doing this helps reduce the need for clicking through on multiple entries to find what you are looking for. The feature seems to take a random grab from the page, and presents that text. It also has an “Also on this page” section, which lists menu items and links from other sections on the page.



If you were optimising for Bing (or more likely, if Google started offering this functionality), I guess you would try and make your content overall more compelling (i.e. make just as much effort as you would for your title and description meta tags), as well as making sure links on your menu’s and to other pages were titled appropriately so they could properly inform a person on the search results page who was seeing them out of context.

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