Mobile Search Engine Marketing

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More and more people are now using a Blackberry, Ipod or other mobile phone to search the web when they are out and about. That might be to find the address of where they are going, price compare while shopping or even to cheat in pub trivia.

While it is not yet the majority of people, nor could it even be called mainstream here in Australia, it does exist, and it will only increase. As the web continues to become an integral part of our life, as technology continues to push forward increasing the capability of mobile devices, and as the Australian Government strives to improve internet accessability for all  (a ha ha ha), the number of people using the internet away from their desktop is only going to increase.

What does this mean for business and site owners? Well, not only do you now need to consider how you can build a mobile-friendly version of your website (desktop-style sites are often impossible or inconvenient to view on a mobile device), but you also need to start considering how search marketing is going to be different for this new media.

Google and other search engines now have mobile versions of their sites, which make it easier for people to read the results on the go. The thing with mobile search is though, the rankings are now taking new parameters into consideration, such as your sites suitability for the mobile user.

There are a range of differences between mobile and desktop users of the internet, which will affect both your PPC and SEO campaigns. For example, keywords will likely be shorter and more specific in mobile search than on a desktop. Usability will obviously be different. Visibility of the top 10 ranks will be compromised. Requirements of mobile devices are different. Even measuring the activity of mobile users is a new frontier – there are tools out there which can measure mobile searchers, but maybe your analytics tool won’t be one of them.

Tomorrow we will go into a bit more detail on what you need to do and consider to try and keep up with the mobile evolution – looking at important facets of a mobile site and how to optimise those sites for mobile search.

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