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Google Analytics has taken it’s SEO metrics out of Beta testing, and it is now available to everyone if you are on the new version (see top right hand of your analytics screen to switch).

The first thing you need to do to enable it is to link the account with Webmaster Tools

SEO Metrics - Measure SEO results

You can link the accounts within Analytics, (where it says set up Web Master Tools data sharing), only if your WMT is in the same Google account. If not, you will first have to go to your WMT account, share it with the account where your analytics is kept, and THEN go and set up WMT data sharing.

There are currently only 3 main reports;


This report will tell you impressions, clicks and average position for queries which resulted in visits to your site. This is only available since about July this year, but there doesn’t seem to be a 1,000 cap like there usually is in Google Analytics.

You can segment it by Geography or property (web, mobile, image, etc).

Note that average position is not your actual rank. If you have two results on the same page, at positions 1 and 2, your average position is going to be 1.5. Not very useful, I don’t think.

It would be good if you could get conversion data on this report.

Landing Pages

Similar metrics are shown for landing pages. It might surprise you which pages are resulting in the most traffic.

Click through Rates for these landing pages might help you with optimising your meta data.

Geographical Summary

Shows the same metrics, but now by Country. I am not sure if this information couldn’t already have been gleaned from Analytics before. It is interesting that Google thinks this is an important SEO report.

Personally, I am disappointed that you can’t currently drill down into any of these reports…maybe later.

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