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If you are a LinkedIn user, and if you were lucky, maybe you received a $100 free voucher for their new Direct Ads marketing tool. This free voucher enabled me to have a PPC campaign on LinkedIn (and/or) their partner network of sites, similar to Google PPC.

As a professional services provider I am pretty excited because it differentiates itself from Google Adwords by

1. Letting you expose your business to people in a professional environment.

2. Lets you choose the industry of those people (Up to 10 industries)

3. Lets you choose the ‘seniority’, and job function of your audience.

For people not experienced with Google Adwords, you might like LinkedIn Direct Ads because it has a much easier interface, you don’t have to worry about keywords. However, like Google Adwords, you do need to write short, engaging and succinct ad copy for your ads.

Like Google Adwords, you set a daily budget, and a maximum cost per click. However, the bidding is restricted to one bid for your entire campaign – and the minimum bid is 2.00.

You can choose Geographic areas, up to 10 around the world, OR you can choose sex, seniority or age.

Now, most of the LinkedIn Ads I see have got pictures with the ads – but I don’t know how to add that, the ad builder given to me did not give me that option- so maybe that is a paid extra?

Where will your ads appear?

Up the very top, just below the menu’s, there is a one line text link ad – this is, confusingly, sometimes served by DoubleClick and sometimes served by LinkedIn. I guess if you bid high enough, you might be up there.

In the right hand margin there is (currently on my page)

  • HP product list
  • Amazon reading list
  • Job Seeker Premium List

However, when I refreshed, I also got, instead of the Job Seeker ads, some LinkedIn Member Ads. Again, I guess it depends on the bidding.

Finally, in the footer, there are also two LinkedIn Member ads, and I guess mine might go here if I don’t bid high enough.

Anyway, it is a free test, and will let you know how I go. Meanwhile, if you are also going to have a go testing Linkedin Direct Ads with a voucher,  make sure you put in an end date for your campaign, just in case you forget about it, and it keeps on charging your credit card.

Update: LinkedIn Ads aren’t working great for me. After a month, and many impressions, there has been only one click.

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