Link Building – 10 Places To Ask For a Link

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Link building is an essential part of any SEO strategy. It is thought to be one of the most influential ranking factors, with links from relevants sources with excellent anchor text being the Holy Grail (of course if they are no-followed).

Not every link has to be this Holy Grail, every little bit helps as long as they are 1. Relevant in some way, 2. Don’t have a ‘no follow’ on them (although even if they do they can be valuable for click through traffic), and 3. Cached by the search engine.

Finding links can be really time consuming, but for every website there are going to be some ‘easier’ wins (not necessarily quick).

The following is a list of people you might want to hit up for a link, these ones should be friendlier than most.

1. Your web designer. You might not have noticed this, but the vast majority of web designers help their own SEO by putting  a link to their own site from every single page of their client’s websites, through a footer link. This is not necessarily wrong, (although it doesn’t help their clients), but if they are going to do that, the least they can do is link back to your site too. After all, you are the client! Even better would be if you could be on an industry page, or a case study about your business, which will make your page relevant.

2. Suppliers – Similarly to your web designers, if you use other suppliers
like accountants, PR, or copy writers, you might want to be named on
their client list or as a case study.

3. If you are in an industry group (e.g. any logo you display on your site for a professional qualification or membership), and especially if you pay money to be in this group, ask them for a link to your site.

4. Similarly, if you support any charities financially or with free products/services, ask them if they could put a link to your site as well

5. Resellers – If you resell products for ANYONE else, make sure that you ask them if you can be on their website as a reseller. They should want you to be there, because it helps people find your store, which will help people find their goods.

6. If your school or university has a website with case studies, history’s, profiles or news, consider submitting a story which conveniently ‘links’ to your current business or work place. Remember that .edu links are particularly valuable!

7. Link reclamation – Use back link checkers to see who is already linking to you, and see if you can get those links changed to have relevant anchor text, or see why they are linking to you and see if you can get more links like that

8. Chamber of Commerce  – If you are lucky enough to be in an area which has a chamber of commerce, or if you are operating in a foreign market, you can join your national chamber.

9. If you are in an office block, shopping centre, or some other complex,
make sure there is a link to your site from their tenants list. Again,
it is even better if there is a category page for your listing.

10. On your site – If you have an article, picture, statistic or graph that is unique and attractive, make sure you ask for links to it! A short “link to this graph” will not only prompt people to think of linking to it, but will make it easy for them to do so.

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