Innovation – Magazines with Embedded Videos

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An incredible, inevitable, innovation has occurred in the media world this week. American broadcast network CBS, in conjunction with Pepsi, will be advertising via a video-chip embedded in an issue of Entertainment Weekly, according to the Guardian and many other online news sources. Cnet has published the following picture of the advertisement;

The ad with embedded video.

(Credit: Caroline McCarthy/CNET)

The ad, debuting in the September edition, but to New York  and LA subscribers only at first, uses a wafer thin screen and chip to show video of up to 40 minutes of video. Apparently, how it will work is that it will be prompted to play as soon as the page is opened. The cost of the ads are obviously going to be quite high, with the cost likely to be passed on to the ad buyers, not consumers.

While I am amazed at this innovation, and continue to marvel at the technological advancements which are occurring almost daily now, I can’t help but think this is going to be massively annoying until it is perfected. Like those ads which surprise you with video and sound at midnight in your quiet house, or 2pm in your silent, busy, office, unsolicited noise will be something which annoys, after it amazes. I  know people on the Tube will hate it!

The other thing I don’t like about this is the recycling and wastage issues it will raise – even though it says the chips are rechargeable – someone will have to care enough to recharge it first.

Despite all this whinging, obviously I can’t wait to see this in the ‘flesh’.

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