5 Ways to Increase Your Paid Traffic Today

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It’s gloomy and rainy outside in Sydney – and the summer’s over before many of us even noticed it starting!  There’s not a lot I can say to lift your spirits – that is, unless you’re a geeky online marketer like me.  Because a great way to improve the day of an online marketer, or online business owner, is to increase the traffic and sales to their sites. Therefore, today I thought I would post some tips to increase your Pay Per Click traffic, and hopefully there will be something new you can use.


1. Broad Match Modified

My favourite match type! If you’re not using BMM keywords in your Adwords campaign, try it out now! Just use Broad match, and then put a + in front of the keywords which you want to make sure are included in the search. Read my recent post about BMM in Adwords.


2. Turn on Extensions

Increase the click through of your ads by turning on as many extensions as are relevant for you. Simply go to the Ad Extensions tab (if you don’t have it, add it using that drop down button on the far right next to the tabs, then choose all the extensions you want to use.

Adwords Extensions for PPC


3. Other Networks

Have you tried the Microsoft Adcentre or Facebook Ads yet? The interface is a little different (for Facebook, actually very different), but it can offer some new traffic opportunities for similar costs to Google Adwords. The volumes are unlikely to be anywhere near as high – but you can give it a go!


4. Dynamic Search Ads
Dynamic search ads use natural search technology to crawl your site and match your pages to searchers queries. It can be used to help fill in the gaps which your normal campaigns might not cover – particularly important for sites with very large, or frequently updated, inventory. And, why yes, I have written about Dynamic Search Ads previously.


5. Product Listing Ads

For our Foreign Friends – If you’re in the UK, USA, Germany or France – you could implement Product Listing Ads – which have been a great traffic and sales boost for our clients.   Find out more about Product listing ads here.



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