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A new feature showing up in some, not all, of my clients accounts today is the ‘Auction Insights’ report.  You are alerted to the existence of this report by a little ‘column graph’ icon next to a particular keyword. Select any ONE of those keywords, then click on the ‘Keyword Details’ button – which used to be called the ‘Searched Terms’ button. Here you can select to look at searched terms, OR you can use the nifty new feature called Auction Insights (only if you have selected a single keyword), to see the competitors on your keyword!


Google Adwords New Auction Insights Report


Auction Insights from Google Adwords


Google has nicely (?) given you lots of information in this report (which shows details starting only from May 1, 2012).

Apart from showing their display URL domain, they also tell you;


Impression Share: How often they received an impression in the same auction you were participating in


Average Position: Their average position in those auctions


Overlap Rate: How often they received an impression at the same time as you


Position Above Rate: How often THEY were placed ABOVE you


Top of Page Rate: How often they appeared at top of page positions


This is fantastic competitive information that can help you with all your marketing, not just PPC.  For example, it could tell you about new competitors who aren’t showing in the natural SERPS yet, or let you know how aggressive existing competitors are. Other information you might be interested in;


– Over different time periods, you could investigate when and which competitors are getting more or less active on Adwords.

– You could use the ‘position above’ rate to determine whether or not you want to increase your bids – e.g. who is most often above us?  Do we care enough about them to go above our target CPA?

– You could even look to see whose ad is most often shown with yours so you can decide which particular promotions or USP to push.

– It is also very interesting to see who is bidding on your own branded terms!


Thanks Google!

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