Social Media Isn’t For Your Business, Right?

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“Social Media isn’t for us.”


Have you said this about your business? Or have you heard someone else say it about theirs?


I can understand why people might say it – social media is an art, it needs to be crafted specifically and uniquely for each business. Aside from the fact that it is ostensibly ‘free’ it is actually going to require a lot of time, effort and creative thinking to have a successful social media strategy – and even then there are no guarantees. This can turn a lot of people off.


A lot of traditional marketing and advertising takes work, money and gives intangible ‘branding’ benefits back, but businesses still use them. Maybe because they are ‘old’, traditional and ingrained. But you know what? Social Media marketing has a lot in common with traditional marketing and advertising. It’s about using your business personality to encourage new and existing customers to reach out to you. Whether that ‘reaching out’ eventually occurs online, on the phone or in store – it’s still a result.


Social media is helping companies save money on business processes like call centers, printing costs and advertising dollars, by providing easy interaction points and access to information online. You can more easily share company news, launch new products, showcase your corporate culture or project an image of reliability and trust to potential customers.


If you are thinking of crossing social media off your to-do list, you also need to consider the cost of NOT using social media. Where there is a blank space, a competitor can always be waiting ready to fill it. Potential customers will be seeing them, not you. What is that costing you?


Another cost is the increasing impact social media will have on search engine rankings. SEO is no longer just about content, links and coding – social media is also having an influence. Participating in social media could be considered a part investment in your SEO strategy.


All this is not to say that social media is a golden goose for every business. There can be many pitfalls in the use of social media, as well as opportunities. We recommend a robust social media plan to find out where the risks are, where the opportunities are and an outline of what you are actually going to do to use social media to help your business. It’s not enough to have buzzwords and vague plans (unfortunately, social media suffers from an extreme case of buzz words).


If you need help creating a social media plan for your business, contact MooMu Media to find out what this might involve.

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