Hottest Technology of 2009

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The Gartner report, on the Hype Cycle 2009, is the latest in the annual series to showcase the hottest technologies of the year and how they are trending.

The reports outline two visual representations for technology maturity – the Hype Cycle and the Priority Matrix. These graphs can help businesses understand a snapshot picture of technology at that moment, and advise about which technologies to adopt and which to reconsider.

The one below, is the ‘Hype Cycle’ (source:reuters)


Cloud computing, one of the hottest emerging technologies of the year, refers to a simple concept – operating off  a shared ‘cloud’ rather than a hard-drive.According to Gartner it is at the height of it’s expectations, but still in it’s early stages with lots of opportunities to be identified.

Other hot topics include the issue of data-centre cooling, which I discussed earlier this year when it was said that 2 Google searches was as environmentally un-friendly as boiling the kettle.  This is apparently on the downward trend of expectations (here referred to as Green IT). With increased concern for the environment booming across first world countries, ‘do no evil’ Google is pouring money into data centre R&D, but it is no longer causing ‘hype’.

Social networking and web 2.0 seems to be well past the highest phase of expectations (according to Gartner), but on the slope of enlightenment, which is odd considering the fact that hype for one of the biggest social networking tools, Twitter, continues unabated, and it hasn’t even yet fulfilled its business potential.

Search-wise, video search seems to be in the ascendency, a ‘technology trigger’.

Jackie Fenn, the report’s lead analyst, gives this overview:

Technologies at the Peak of Inflated Expectations during 2009 include cloud computing, e-books (such as from Amazon and Sony) and internet TV (for example, Hulu), while social software and microblogging sites (such as Twitter) have tipped over the peak and will soon experience disillusionment among corporate users.

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