Government Web Filter Set Back

By February 27, 2009 Internet News No Comments

Another week,  another setback for Senator Conroy’s ill fated Web Filter plan.

This weeks news tells of an independent senator joining the Greens and Opposition in opposing the scheme, and committing himself to blocking the legislation required ( independent legal advice stated this week that legislation will be required for the proposed filter to go ahead).

The independent Senator has been swayed by the continually emerging evidence which suggests that the proposed filter will not achieve its aims, will be easily by passed, would cause slower internet and block more sites than might be intended (although, this is an inherent problem with filter schemes – whats in and whats out?)

When there is so much expert opposition to the plan, and obviously bigger fish to fry, I cannot believe that the trials are still going ahead. No matter what the results, there is too much against the plan already for there to be a convincing argument made, and now there will be gridlock in the senate for passing the required legislation anyway.

Our national budget is going into the red by obscene amounts, and the Government is obviously going to have to propose massive costs savings in Mays Federal Budget. This project should be first on the list for the chop, if it doesn’t get chopped right now.

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