Government Drugs Campaign on Facebook

If you live in Sydney, you probably have noticed a big new anti-drugs campaign by the Australian Government. The new campaign is targetting the use of ICE specifically, and the ads can be seen all over bus stops and train stations.

Also, this morning, I can see that the Government has really got ‘with it’, and have now started advertising on Facebook. In the right hand margin of my home page, where the sponsored ads go, was this:

Ice Facebook ad

I would love to see the analytics associated with this campaign – how many people are actually playing that ad?  Who rings this number? Who clicks through to the website (if you even can)?

I am obviously in the ICE target demographic, since I am being shown this ad. Isn’t it kind of depressing the kind of profile advertisers have of you? They send me ads about get rich quick schemes, losing weight, finding a partner – and now telling me not to use ICE! They obviously have a very poor opinion of me.

When it comes to awareness, this Ice campaign has definitely worked on me, however, like all public interest campaigns, whether it is a well known ad is one thing, whether it prevents usage is another.

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