Google's Next Generation Search Technology

By August 11, 2009 Google News, SEO No Comments

Google is working on some changes and updates to their search algorithm and index, which Google’s webmaster blog calls ‘next generation’ search technology.

The changes are being previewed now, although it is all to their ‘back end’, so only web developers or specialist SEO-ers will probably notice any difference.

This is where you can go and test it out – Google Sandbox

I find that terms like my name, our agency, or competitive terms like ‘car insurance’ are showing fairly similar results in the new technology as the old.

SearchEngineLand has found some rearrangement of Google apps, like news and video.

While undoubtedly many SEO-ers will be running around worrying how to optimise for these changes, I dare say that if you have a good quality, relevant site, your position should not change too much, and actually since Google is trying to improve results, if you are a good site, your rankings should improve!

So if, like us, you optimise sites by improving their quality and relevance, as well as improving their site structure, and web presence, then I think you are going to be quite ok….

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