Google Plays Hardball with Paid Link Networks

By March 29, 2012 Google News No Comments

In their heightened quest to disband sites and services who try to artificially manipulate their search results, Google has signaled a devastating blow to blog/link networks, de-indexing a significant majority of site and its system of link networks.

This move comes to no surprise to some, as Google has a history of disbanding link networks. As highlighted previously on this blog an “over optimisation” penalty is being cooked up by Google tech scientists. Attaching your sites to such networks is a recipe for over optimisation but Google are increasingly effective in negating the source before even having to penalise a site. It does go to show that adopting a mass paid link strategy is far from sustainable. I believe long term site integrity is a lot more conducive to building brand equity than short term exposure, where your site could be flagged for unnatural links. The punishment? A simple warning, index penalties or being invisible (dead) to Google FOREVER.


So how do you go about building a legitimate link portfolio? Google assesses link penalties algorithmically. Things to avoid are linking to sites with little or no relevance or possessing minimal brand presence. Inversely too much exact match anchor text also yields possible penalties. It definitely is a tight rope of getting your link strategy right. You don’t want to be undertaking both activities at once, Google will come knockin’ at your door, y’all be in trouble!

Yes building links from legitimate sources can be a hard task and extremely competitive (depending on the industry) but with the right sprinkle of creativity and the strengthening of your value proposition to potential reciprocates, an effective ethical link strategy is very much possible.

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