Google vs Bing: Social Search

By January 22, 2013 SEO No Comments

by Tracy Mu Sung
In relation to our post yesterday on the Facebook Social Graph, it’s now time to look at another new development from the Microsoft/Facebook family. Bing has announced that their three-columned search results will now include 5x more Facebook updates than previously.

Bing three column social search

We’re having trouble seeing this in Sydney, this screenshot from Hubspot


Why is this? Well maybe because Bing can now use Facebooks Social Graph to dig in and return more valuable results. Similar to Google Plus in Google Search, the social feature introduced to Bing last May allows you to see where your connections might have information on your current search. It allegedly improves your results by helping you see results based on people you know, not just the thoughts and opinions of strangers.


It’s a tough competition between Google and Bing/Facebook. One has search wrapped up, the other has social – they’re now trying to compete to be the first to solve both sides of the equation.

Google needs more people to use Google Plus – and to that end has tried to increase usage by migrating all Google Businesses over there. Facebook realised it’s search was terrible, and knows that not all the answers can be found within the ‘Social Graph’. However, at the same time, using Bing to cover the search side of the equation doesn’t seem to be winning any wars.


Both sides have big strengths and big weaknesses.


Google Social Search vs Bing/Facebook Search


Why Bing Social Search is Better

– More people use Facebook than Google Plus

– Bing doesn’t replace any normal search listings with social listings

– It uses other social results like Twitter, Quora and Foursquare


Why Google Social Search is Better

– In Australia, and many other countries, Google is the main search engine

– It isn’t popular for no good reason – the results are better and have better localisation

– Integration of rich snippets including reviews, star ratings and even more impressively, Zagat, means that valuable information is imparted straight in the search results.




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