Google Keyword Matches – Broad Match Modifier

By March 30, 2011 PPC No Comments

The new Broad Match Modifier keyword matching option in Google Adwords, is a great addition for advertisers to increase their advertising reach to qualified traffic. It is also a great innovation by the business experts at Google, as it will result in more clicks, and therefore more money for them.

Broad Match Modify can be used to address the many long tail queries that people might use to search online. While this was traditionally handled by the phrase match and exact match options, Broad Match Modifier takes it an extra step further allowing

– Different word order for specified words

– Plurals and misspellings

– Requirement that all the words you list are in the search term

So, for example, if you were bidding on the term “sydney hairdresser” on phrase match, you could have clicks from searches like

cheap sydney hairdresser

sydney hairdresser for men

best sydney hairdresser

But your ad wouldn’t show up for

sydney’s best hairdresser

hairdressers in sydney

Whereas, the new broad match modifier will allow your ads to show for all five of those search terms. All you have to do is put a + in front of each word in your search phrase. (Kind of like how you search on Google now with the + symbol, to make sure the words are in the results.)

e.g. +hairdresser +sydney

This match type is especially good for products with many codes, colours or product names, because it allows your ad to show for more specific searches in your industry.  And, as I am sure you know, the more specific the search, the further down the buying cycle the searcher is, and the more likely to buy.

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