Google Is A Lover, Not a Fighter

By May 27, 2010 Google News No Comments

You may or may not notice, (depending on how long, unique or fast your queries are), that Google uses predictive text when you type in your search. But did you know that if you start with “I love” you get a lot of predictions, but if you start the phrase “I hate” you will not get any?

Insignificant trivia? Yes indeed.

Well, anyway, the actual point of this post is that predictive text could potentially help you with your search engine marketing. If people are slow typers, or maybe a bit indecisive, they may indeed start relying on Google predictive text.

Say you are looking for car insurance online. If you type in car insurance, all of a sudden you get a host of suggestions (although, if you type quickly and press enter, you may not notice this)…

If you saw this, you might change your query from ‘car insurance’ to ‘car insurance quotes’. Or maybe the third suggestion, ‘car insurance comparison’. This obviously has ramifications for car insurance companies who want your business – they will want to be ranking high for those terms you are most likely to choose. Or, maybe you will look more carefully and see ‘car insurance nsw’ and realise that is what you are really after – so maybe car insurers should optimise for that kind of local term?

In any case, if you are optimising for shorter terms, which are stems for longer queries, you might want to see what those longer queries are and whether you should optimise for them as well.

Strange results-  I previously blogged about this strange result – and I still don’t know what it means – but if you Google ‘hairdresser’, the first predictive result is ‘Hairdresser games’. Is this really so popular?! When Google did a search shake up earlier this year, the Hairdresser games certainly got a mention on page 1 for hairdresser.

Make sure to see what predictive text is saying about your brand, product or industry – and see if you are optimising for the options they are offering!

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