Google Content Network Equally Effective as Search Network

By May 5, 2009 Google News No Comments

Last week, Google released a White Paper on a study they did regarding their Content Network.

Basically, the issue with the content network is that it is generally thought that the content network results in lower conversions than the search network.

This white paper is a great piece of soft selling from Google, in that they have shown results which indicate that the conversion rates from the content network are equal to conversion rates from the search network. The basis of this they say is their Smart Pricing system, so this paper was really about proving the worth of the Smart Pricing System and convincing us to give the Content Network a go.

Note: The Smart Pricing system works by reducing the cost of a click in the content network to match the relative value or likeliness of a content network conversion (which is significantly lower than that of the search network). You can see why it would be lower considering that the search network shows ads based on a query a searcher has already entered, and therefore they pre-qualify for being interested in your ads.

The intention of this White Paper is obvious – try and get more people to use the content network. However, for people who have already tried to use it, and have not seen good CPA’s, I am not sure this will convince them. The advice going forward for users is no more in depth than the optimiser tools already available in Google Adwords or the learning centre lessons, so there isn’t much incentive to try again.

However, for NEW users, who will undoubtedly hear about this paper from Adwords sales people, this would more likely be encouraging, and might help dispel the myths they could have heard from others telling them not to bother with the content network.

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