Google change from 10 to 7 Organic results

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What’s Going On?

According to Danny Sullivan form Search Engine Land  Google is testing a new way to present search results, changing from the traditional 10 pages results to a 7 pages result, so at  MooMu Media we investigate the impact of that change on the results of the most popular search engine in Australia.


Coles Seacrh Term (Data SiteLinks 7 results)


Impact in Australia

Although in America it looks like the change affects all sites with sitelinks (Not just brand searches) in Australia it looks like the 7 results page works just for brand searches, unless the general term, that you use in the query ,fits into the domain (e.g carsales)
Carsales SearchTerm (Data Sitelinks 7 results)
For general term searches in Australia it is not common to get results with sitelinks, as a  consequence, general term searches usually get 10 results on the page.
However, if you add specific information for the web site where you want the information, the results will change.
Australia Search Term (siteLinks With No Data)
Let’s say you are looking for Australia but you want information from Wikipedia, so you type in the search bar “Australia Wiki”. You will get 7 results, which is different to  if you type just “Australia”, then you get 10 results on the page, even if the first result is Wikipedia.
Australia Search Term (Data sitelinks)
According to Google Webmaster Tools , Google only shows site links for results when:

-Google thinks they’ll be useful to the user

-The structure of a site allows Google algorithms to find good site links.


I’m not sure if this change is focussed on improving usability (do users prefer 7 to 10 results?) or if it is the intent of Google to improve their advertising system giving less organic results and eventually more Ads.

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