Google Caffeine – Don't Panic

By July 19, 2010 Google News No Comments

Let me just say first out – don’t panic. Yes, Google launched a new index yesterday, but this doesn’t mean any major changes to your SEO strategy yet.

This is not a change to the algorithm (which is the way Google determines rankings), but just a change to the way they index pages. 
The new index will index pages much faster than the previous index, so the main change is that new pages of content  should be indexed a lot quicker. This doesn’t mean it will crawl your pages any faster, it just means it will find new pages faster.

We don’t believe this will mean that existing pages will be dropped and replaced by newer content. We think this means that more content will be able to be indexed, and it will be indexed faster. For this reason we don’t necessarily believe that blog posts and Tweets (for example), are going to make a massive change to the rankings, except for very relevant terms.

However, as this is all such a secret science, there are no guarantees, so we would recommend that you;
1. Make no major changes to your SEO strategy until the new index has had a chance to show its effects
2. Monitor your rankings very carefully, noting and analysing changes
3. Create and upload fresh and competitive content (as this never hurt any website), and see how it gets indexed
4. Put more thought into how you can incorporate real time results in a meaningful fashion (i.e. don’t just do it for SEO, do it for your users)

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