Google Bonuses Announced

By March 4, 2009 Google News No Comments

While Wall Street bonuses and those of the Square Mile might be a thing of the past, Silicon Valley still has a few bonuses to give. So what kind of bonus might you expect if you worked at Google these days?…

  • Senior VP Product Management – Jonathan Rosenberg – $US1.64million
  • Senior VP Engineering and Research – Robert Eustace – $US 1.38 million
  • Senior VP, Global Sales and business development – Omid Kordestani – $US1.38 million
  • New CFO – Patrick Pichette – $US1.24 million
  • Outgoing CFO -George Reyes – $US675,000
  • Founders – Sergey Brin and Larry Page – No bonus
  • CEO – Eric Schmidt – no bonus.

When converted to Aussie dollars (around double), these aren’t too bad! How does this relate to Google Engineer salaries? Well according to this site, Google Engineers get a starting salary of just over $106,000 with a $US43,000 bonus.

This is a particularly nice payout for the new Finance officer, Pichette, who had only been with Google 5 months.

The no-bonus for Sergey et al, is in keeping with the previous few years.

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