Google Analytics – Sorting for Valuable Insights

By August 25, 2010 Analytics No Comments

Today Google has introduced a new feature which should be available to every Analytics user – well it is available here in Australia anyway, which made me think it should be everywhere!

The new feature is called Weighted Sort, and comes into play when you click on any metric in a Google Analytics table, with the intention to sort ascending or descending. Without clicking to sort, you won’t see it.

The purpose of it is to help you sort out those metrics which are worth looking at, and those which aren’t.

For the blog below, I want to look at Bounce Rate. When I click on Bounce Rate to see the worst offending pages, I get all these pages, which have had not many views. What would be more useful, is to see pages which had a more significant number of views, and which also had bad bounce rates. This is where you use Weighted Sort – as shown below;

See, the page ranked at the top of this table doesn’t necessarily have the worst bounce rate, but it has a whole lot of visits, so it is pretty important.

You can only use this new functionality with some of the calculated metrics – e.g. bounce rate and % new visits.

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