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With Social Media sending more traffic to sites, Google Analytics now has more reports to analyse that traffic. Check them out in your interface now, you can find them under the Traffic Sources section;

Google Analytics Measuring Social Media


One of the best graphs available in here is the Social Shares graph, which is available in the Overview report. Because Social Media is more of a branding and communication tool, rather than a direct sales tool, it is sometimes hard to justify the investment of time and money into it. If you have goals set up in your analytics account, the Social Shares graph will be able to show you how often social media was seen by the customers who converted on your site, and how often it was the most recent campaign for a converting customer.

Social Share Report - Google Analytics

The other reports are pretty self explanatory, but two are quite new.


The Social Plugins report shows how often there was interaction with any social media plugins on your site – this report will require some extra set up to help it run if you want to see results for plugins other than Google Plus.


The Social Visitors flow shows how customers from social media channels move through your site – and should be compared to your other channels. For example, do social media users want different things from your site?



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