Google Allowing Dodgy PPC Ads

By July 9, 2009 PPC No Comments

Google has been very strict with its AdWords editorial guidelines, there are rules regarding capitalisation, superlatives, grammar and spelling, even repetition! The list of their rules can be found in their learning centre, here .

But if this is the case, then how on earth did this pass muster?



There is a specific rule on Google Adwords regarding spacing, which says:

Spacing : You should have appropriate spacing between each word and after punctuation. For example, ‘C-h-e-a-p C-l-o-t-h-e-s’ would not be allowed. Similarly, ‘Free Shipping.Buy Now’ would also not be allowed.

It is even the very first rule listed! Ads with spacing would not induce me to click on them, but they do stand out, and must be effective if people continue to do it.  I haven’t seen it so prolific with any other search than ‘Prada Sunglasses’ though, where 4 of the entries were violating the Adwords policy.


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