Google Adwords – Which Ad Groups Are The Biggest Influence?

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The Google Adwords interface, coupled with the Google Adwords Editor, are usually pretty user friendly, easy to navigate, and useful for drilling down into reports.

However, when you have many campaigns and Ad groups, it can often be difficult to trace an account-wide trend to it’s source.

For example – you have seen that as a whole, your account average position spiked on May 23rd. But, if you have more than 10 campaigns, it can be quite time consuming to find out which campaigns contributed most to this trend.

Then, if you get it down to the campaign, it is more time consuming still to track it down to the appropriate ad group and keyword.

This is because, the Google Adwords interface doesn’t let you compare trends over time on the same screen. You have to switch between ad groups, and compare visually that way.


The better way to do it? Export all the information to Excel, and use pivot tables.

Go to the campaigns tab and press the download button. This opens up some more options, including ‘add segment’. Click on this, and it allows you to segment the data in a number of ways, for the purposes of this article, I choose ‘day’.
Google Adwords Export Segment

This exports the data to Excel showing a huge table of campaigns, day, clicks, CPC, Average position, etc. It is an overwhelming amount of data, and you know what you have to do to make huge data dumps useful – that’s right, use a pivot table.

1. Select the whole table

2. Create a pivot table

3. Tick day as well as the parameter you’re interested in.  E.g. clicks, conversions, cost, etc.

4.  Drag ‘campaigns’ to the columns area.

5. Choose Pivot Chart to visualise the trends.

Now you can more easily see which campaigns contributed most to the overall account trend you spotted.

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