Google Adwords – Broad Match Modifier

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Broad Match Modified (BMM) is my favourite Google Adwords innovation of the last year or so.  It offers the ability to utilise the broad match type in Adwords to increase traffic volumes while closely guarding relevance.


To implement, you put a plus symbol, +, directly in front of one or more words in a broad match keyword. Every word with a + sign must appear in the users search exactly, or as a close variant. The followings are close variants and, unlike normal broad match, it will not show ‘related’ terms for BMM terms.

  • Misspellings
  • Abbreviations
  • Single/plural
  • Acronyms
  • Stemmings (floor/flooring)

BMM can be used multiple times in a keyword, e.g. +bonds +underwear +sydney


Where to use BMM


1. Adgroups with low impressions

2. Brands or products which are difficult to spell

3. To increase traffic to adgroups with good CPA’s


Actually, there are likely dozens of ways to use BMM, it just depends on your client and product.


If your client has an adgroup with a very expensive CPA, for example, perhaps you could BMM keywords to increase reach, while retaining close targeting.


If your client has a low CTR, you could use BMM to increase targeting of any broad match keywords


I really do believe that BMM is an important addition to any account.



BMM Tips


1. Make sure before you start, that you have a good negative KW list in place

2. Keep your eyes on the activity of BMM, and check your ‘searched terms’ report regularly, both for new keywords to add and ones to make negative.

3. If you aren’t used to using Broad Match keywords, keep bids low to start with.

4. I usually keep BMM keywords in the same adgroups as my other keywords, I haven’t seen a need to separate them out.


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