Geeks and Vigilantes

By June 29, 2009 tech news No Comments

A story ran in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning talking about how a guy used the "Find my Iphone"  from Apple to track down his iPhone after it was stolen.

I am not sure of the authenticity of this story, but I love that this could be possible, and also hope that it serves as some disincentive to this kind of theft in the future.

Apparently, the fellow had lost his iPhone at a Lego convention (no judgement here), and then logged onto Apple’s, and tracked it down to a nearby neighbourhood. As he kept refreshing, so the story goes,  he could see the iphone target moving up the street and around the corner, and so him and his three mates chased it down.

Apparently the thief very nicely gave it back – obviously not some tough drug dealer being cornered by three geeks.

I doubt Apple would be encouraging anyone to use this technology for Vigilante reasons, (not every thief would be so friendly or apologetic I am sure) but it certainly makes for a fun story and great PR for them (as if they need anymore).

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