Free WiFi Spots in North Sydney

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Perhaps you’re rushing to a meeting and need to check some things online? Or maybe you want to meet a colleague or customer outside the office, but you need WiFi? We’ve been in this situation many times, so we have put together this map showing free WiFi spots in our area – North Sydney.


Caveat: By ‘free’ we mean ‘you probably have to buy at least a coffee’, and nobody likes the guy who sits there for four hours sipping a single cup of tea (I’m looking at you George).


View Free Wi Fi North Sydney in a larger map


Our favourite is JB Coffee Shop, next door to our office on Alfred St – (They also do a fantastic Eggs Benedict English muffin in the mornings).


If you know of a place that has been left off, let us know. Alternatively, if you know that one of these places no longer offers free WiFi let us know too.



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