Free Digital Marketing Advice for Small Business – Lesson 4 – Offsite SEO

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After covering keyword research , and onsite SEO, it is now time to get off your website and advertise it in other places across the internet.

The Google algorithm, which is the thing which says where your site ranks, takes over 200 factors into account when deciding where you can rank. We have already covered a few of these, like age of your site, content, meta data, and onsite headers and links. However, much of the influence comes from other sites – that is, if other sites link to you, Google will trust your site more, and your rankings should improve.

This is why linking strategies are such a major part of any SEO campaign. But what kind of links are SEO-friendly, and where can you get them?

The best links for SEO are:

  • From sites about your industry, or related industries
  • On pages which don’t have a tonne of other links
  • Ones which don’t require you necessarily to reciprocate
  • With your keywords as anchor text
  • Links to deep pages within your site

You can try and get these links in many ways, but one of the best, and whitest of white hat ways, is through having great content, or cool gadgets, which people naturally want to link to. For example, if you have a great map or other gadget on your site, do a press release about it, or advertise it on other people’s blogs.

Reciprocal links are still links, and they won’t do harm to your site, just make sure they are reputable and relevant.

The thing about linking is, that although it should help with your SEO strategy, it also puts links to your site on lots of different sites across the internet – if you put these in good and relevant places, then people might click through, increasing traffic to your site as a nice side effect.

A previous linking article I wrote outlines the best way to put together your linking strategy, so I won’t go into the details too much here. Just remember that offsite SEO is just as important as onsite.

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