Facebooks new feature: “Highlight” posts as important

Status updates are the heart of Facebook. Basically you could say that he who doesn’t post, doesn’t exist in the social network. But even assuming you’re a good networker, just 16 percent of your Facebook friends (on average) will see your status updates.


However, people who are worried that nobody is listening to them can calm down. A testing group in New Zealand are already using a new feature called “Highlight”, which has been designed for Facebooks end-users. If you’re a member of this group you can ensure more friends see your posts, photos, status updates and links. Depending on what version of the test you see you’ll either “highlight” for free or Facebook will charge you around two dollars payable with credit card or PayPal. Your posts aren’t formatted differently, they may just appear higher in the news feed of your friends, stay visible for a longer time and will be shown to more friends and subscribers.


This new feature has the potential to fundamentally change Facebook, as it influences their algorithm which determines what you can see on your wall.
Facebook gives you, on the one hand, the opportunity to point out posts you really want your friends to see, like “I’m renting out my apartment”, but on the other hand it opens the doors to market yourself by using money, instead of authentically engaging.


This new feature may help to repair Facebook’s image as a sound investment considering their previous uncertainty with regards to future advertising revenue streams.


What perfect timing, just before their flotation!

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