Facebook taking Search Seriously?

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Looks like Facebook is finally going to retaliate to Google launching a social network by improving it’s terrible search engine.  Facebook has an ex-Googler and about a dozen other staff working on its search engine (Businessweek).  I wonder how sophisticated the algorithms will be with that many people working on it.  Seems like it is taking a similar approach to what Google did with Google+: make something basic, just get it live and if people use it we will invest in it.  Unfortunately people will try it and if the results are crap (like they are now) they will not try again.  I just did a search in the current panel and all my results were UK based….Good work Bing!!  For my search on ‘car insurance’ it asked me:



With Facebook’s IPO coming up it seems a good idea to be showing new ways it can make money.  With the current search advertising market estimated at $15 billion there is room for Facebook to either expand it or take some revenue away from its main rival.  If the search function is done well, I would recommend it to our clients – There would be a lot of targeting information that Facebook could offer.


So after Google’s fairly mediocre attempt at stopping users leaving it’s properties to interact with their friends, Facebook might be able to seriously impact it by keeping its huge user base away from Google… Just do it properly and not half-arsed Facebook, in Australia we will appreciate a little competition in the search market!

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