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Search Engine Optimisation is an essential activity for any business who wants to use their website to build their business, BUT not every business can afford the time or money it costs to do the most thorough job on their SEO. Small businesses particularly have to be careful with their budgets, and some businesses like to do as much as possible themselves.

Now lets not get ridiculous, of course I am a big advocate of businesses (that can afford it) outsourcing their SEO. Not only will you benefit from years of expertise, but our SEO consultants deal with lots and lots of websites around the world, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we have the time, inclination and passion for increasing our SEO knowledge every single day.

But of course not everyone can afford it, and there are lots of things you can do for your website yourself which will help your SEO efforts.

The first step, is to get realistic and target your campaign. Broader, and more competitive terms, will be very difficult to rank for, and if you don’t have the time or budget for an intensive SEO campaign, then you might be wasting your time on those big terms.

Smaller, more niche or geographically targetted terms might be easier to achieve, and because they are more targetted, you will be putting your small amount of investment, on the most valuable spend.

Once you have decided on the keywords to target you need to ensure that you are;
1. Putting them on your page titles
2. Putting them in your content
3. Using them as anchor text on links
4. Using H tags around them, and
5. Titling images appropriately.

It is important to do this within reason, and not spam your page – if you do, people might find you, but I doubt they will like what they see when they do.

Other important things to do for simple SEO is grow your content and get links to your site.

For growing your content – just make sure that over time you keep adding to your site, either through a blog, adding new products, or other information pages.

For getting links – this takes a lot more work. However, I have previously writen a couple of links posts, like this one about “Top 10 places to ask for a link” and my original “Best Linking Strategies” post, so check them out for inspiration.

Another great idea, if you have a small budget, is to get a consultation from an SEO specialist (like us, why don’t you call us?). Just tell them before you start that you want to do the SEO yourself, and you just need a strategy with a clear action plan on how to do it.

And P.S., here is a checklist for doing SEO on your Blog.

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