SEO and Social Media Performance Measurement

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by Tracy Mu Sung

Here at MooMu Media we have put together an easy spreadsheet which you can download from our resources section to help you visualise your SEO and social media efforts compared to your competitors.

The simple comparison looks at:

– incoming links
– number of pages and
– social media participation

It is in no way exhaustive, but it can be useful to alert you to areas where your competitors are gaining strength or falling behind. Remember – information is power!

Here we have had a look at news sites in Australia. You simply fill in our spreadsheet in the following way using and Google.

Comparing your competitor performance online

It should be noted that Opensiteexplorer is not always accurate. With incoming links, there isn’t really a way to double check, so you will just have to take it with a grain of salt. With social media metrics, it is easy for you to find your competitors on social media and get their actual stats.


If you need a quick primer with Opensiteexplorer watch our introductory tutorial below




Once you fill out the easy spreadsheet, on the next tab you will have some simple graphs to give you a visual idea of what is going on

Compare Linking domains

The first thing I discover is that the comparison I have chosen isn’t actually all apples with apples. You can see from ‘number of pages in site’ for that they far outstrip the others with amount of content. This is because is not purely a news site, but is also the website for the whole Australian Broadcasting Corporation – including all their tv shows.

Another interesting thing for is that they are currently having a huge win in Google Plus over other online news sites – with over 40k Google Plus 1’s! performance on Google Plus
Investigation into their profile shows that it is updated once or twice daily, and gets a bit of interaction from users regarding their content. They aren’t linking to it very visibly from their site, but they do have a lot of their iView content featured on YouTube. How are they getting all these Plus 1’s? One clue is that they seem to be often a ‘featured site’ within the Google Plus interface.

So, that’s one interesting thing we discovered about this group of sites – what’s going on with the competitors in your niche?

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