Codecademy – The Easy Way To Learn To Code


Following our post the other day about CSS sprites, and the theme of improving your developer/technical skills to be better at SEO – we wanted to encourage would be SEO-ers to have a look at Codecademy, a fantastic (free) resource to help develop your Java Script, CSS and HTML skills.


While mad coding skills aren’t a prerequisite of being able to undertake some SEO tasks, they certainly don’t hurt, and being able to understand code on a site, implement changes or even recommend code improvements, is a big asset for any online marketer.


If you were only going to learn one language, HTML is by far the most important for SEO. Learning how a page is rendered, formatting links and structuring code for search engines are all important tasks.


Java Script is probably more difficult, but it can help you create and build tools to help with your SEO efforts, as well as understand how a site is working.


Code Year, run by Codecademy, is a week by week set of interactive tutorials aimed to help anybody learn how to code  – from the ground up. You can start now, even though we’re more than halfway through the year, and just do the tutorials at your own pace. While the tutors won’t help you directly (apart from writing out the lessons), there is a forum of users who can help you when you get stuck, so that you don’t feel like you’re doing it all on your own.


Code Year was marketed as a new years resolution, for people who wanted to make 2012 the year they learn to code – even New York City Mayor Bloomberg signed up (I wonder if he is still going?).


If you’re an experienced coder and think you could help the community of wannabe coders, you can also submit lessons through their teacher tool.






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