Changes to the Google Keyword Tool

By April 23, 2009 Google News No Comments

The Google Keyword tool is now no longer comparing last months search volume to the average monthly search volume (which I thought was useful). It is now comparing last months local search volumes to global monthly search volumes.

new keyword tool

While you can’t compare the volume to the average as a number, you can compare it as a picture of the last 12 months.  Go to Show/hide columns, and choose “Show Search volume trends”, which will bring up a little column graph for every search term you choose.

search trends

As you can see in this picture you can also “show highest volume occurred in”, which will tell you the month which has had the highest volume. This might be useful when planning campaigns, if you wanted to bid more in certain months when you think the volumes might be higher.

If you compare the global search to the local search for Australia there are some surprising results:

Australians searched 20% of the ‘Easter’ searches, but only 0.4% of the ‘christmas’ searches. We also contributed more than 100% for ‘easter holiday’ searches apparently… which I think means that the global volumes are actually monthly averages.

Another feature in the show/hide columns, which I am not sure if it was there previously, is the average CPC column. If it did used to be there I kick myself for not knowing, because how great is this for sorting for relevantly priced clicks and seeing what kind of search volumes (not clicks) are out there for them.

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