Change to AdWords Interface

By April 16, 2009 PPC No Comments

Google has released a Beta option of a new interface within Adwords, which is available now to some users.

The new interface looks a lot more modern, upgrading it to match the much better looking Google Analytics.

Apart from the general improvement in aesthetics, there are also some very useful improvements:

  • Tree type navigation in the left hand margin which makes drilling down into your account easier – similar to the Adwords Editor
  • Dropdown menu’s for the tabs across the top – reporting, billing, etc.
  • New visualisation for campaign/ad group/keywords/ads, which graph performance over whatever time period you choose – similar to Google analytics now everything is visualised rather than simply tabulated.
  • Ability to compare metrics on this graph: e.g. clicks vs. CTR
  • google adwords
  • Ability to filter these graphs, e.g. for clicks above or below a certain price, conversion rate, etc.
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