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How To Use Google – Improving Your Search Results

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Now, this post isn’t for the normal SEO folk out there. This post is so I can send a link to all the people I know who ask me why Google doesn’t give them the results they want. Rather than blaming Google, I want to teach them how to make it give them what they want. Sure you can use the Google Advance Search tools – but these search operators are a lot quicker, and can be combined to really get some cool and specific results.


Note that these search operators can also be used in YouTube to help you narrow down your video search.


These are some of the more simple tricks;


Exact Terms

If you want an exact phrase in your results, and not variations, use quotation marks

phrase search


Must Include

If you want your results to definitely include something, for example if you are looking for labrador puppies and want only pages about labradors, use a plus sign in front of the word labrador. Then all your search results will include the word labrador.

search operators



If you don’t want it to include something, put a minus sign in front of it. For example, if you don’t want your search for puppies to include dalmations;

negative keywords


Search only on one site

Sometimes you want to search only within one site, but the search function on that website isn’t great…so, preface your query with site:

Site Search


Fill in the Blanks

You can use * to fill in the blanks in a sentence. For example;

Fill in the blanks in Google


Combining Search Operators

I often combine my search operators to help me find things fast. My most common example is when I am looking for a recipe, I want to use my favourite site, and some essential ingredientsgoogle search operators


Use Image Results

This isn’t a search operator, but another tip I also give my friends and family is to use image search.  A lot of people don’t usually use it, but it can be handy, especially for things like fashion, cooking – things where you want to see what something looks like. E.g. I want to cook an apple tart, but which kind of apple tart? By using image search I can easily pick through recipes to find the kind I am afterUsing image results



Google – A Host of Misleading Ads Court Finds

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Recently the Australian Federal Court overturned a lower court’s decision in finding that Google was not responsible for advertisers breaches of Australia’s Trade Practices Act. On appeal, the Court found Google liable in breach of trade law for hosting misleading and deceptive advertisements through the Adwords Platform. This ruling reinforces the responsibility of hosts to their advertisers content.

The ruling was based on four ads which had appeared on the Google Australia website. Advertisers had used the names of competitors as keywords to trigger their own ads appearing. The court found this was likely to mislead individuals who were searching for information regarding those competitors.

From what I gather, the direct accountability for misleading or deceptive ads hosted on the platform lies with Google. This is relevant to paid search results where Google as the ad provider had staff and technology which helped advertisers “take full advantage of the system” according to ACCC Chairman Ron Sims. The involvement of Google is found in its technology, Google’s response is misleading, though the keywords are selected by the advertiser, “what is critical to the process is the triggering of the link by Google using its algorithms” the Court said.

Pending Google’s appeal in the High Court, there appears to be a certain amount of insulation for advertisers using the Adwords platform and the open use of branded keywords. We shall see what amendments Google makes. We have not heard the end of this.

Facebook taking Search Seriously?

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Looks like Facebook is finally going to retaliate to Google launching a social network by improving it’s terrible search engine.  Facebook has an ex-Googler and about a dozen other staff working on its search engine (Businessweek).  I wonder how sophisticated the algorithms will be with that many people working on it.  Seems like it is taking a similar approach to what Google did with Google+: make something basic, just get it live and if people use it we will invest in it.  Unfortunately people will try it and if the results are crap (like they are now) they will not try again.  I just did a search in the current panel and all my results were UK based….Good work Bing!!  For my search on ‘car insurance’ it asked me:



With Facebook’s IPO coming up it seems a good idea to be showing new ways it can make money.  With the current search advertising market estimated at $15 billion there is room for Facebook to either expand it or take some revenue away from its main rival.  If the search function is done well, I would recommend it to our clients – There would be a lot of targeting information that Facebook could offer.


So after Google’s fairly mediocre attempt at stopping users leaving it’s properties to interact with their friends, Facebook might be able to seriously impact it by keeping its huge user base away from Google… Just do it properly and not half-arsed Facebook, in Australia we will appreciate a little competition in the search market!

Zynga Makes $200 Million App Purchase

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Reported on All Things D, Zynga has acquired Draw Something’s developer OMGPOP for a reported $210 million. The split involves $180 million to own the rights to the game and an additional $30 million for employee retention payments.

Having raised 16 million over 4 years, OMGPOP has enjoyed a meteoric rise since developing Draw Something for itunes and Android. The game app which can be characterised as “social Pictionary” has maintained its position as the top app for both platforms, already attracting 30 million downloads which was a significant factor in receiving such a handsome offer. The web didn’t do anything for them in 4 years, the App Store did it for them in 7 weeks.


The move is not an anomalous strategy by Zynga. The mobile game juggernaut has acquired 14 game companies in the space of 12 months, solidifying a market leading portfolio of games. The acquisition by Zynga gives them one of the biggest gaming hits, and one of the biggest revenue earners with reportedly $250K a day from in app purchases.

I really need to get into the app development business.

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