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When is the best time to post to Facebook and Twitter?

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By Adriano Di Palma – Technical SEO at MooMu Media


Have you ever wondered what time of day is best for posting to your social networks? Have you thought about whether you will receive more likes in the morning or later on at night?


Well, so have we! And as part of our research, we came across this excellent infogrpahic which gives some great insight into just those questions.


The data has been provided by popular URL shortener and bookmark management website http://bit.ly and is a great look into three of the major social networks, including  when you can best expect to get the most interaction out of your followers.


We do still suggest doing your own tracking and checking metrics to tailor specifically to your situation, but we do think this is a great starting point if you’re not sure where to start.


(Source: http://www.rakacreative.com/)

When To Post To Social Media

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