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How To: Create a Keyword List for SEO

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Every online business aims to attract visitors to their website and turn them into loyal customers. Choosing the right keywords for your SEO campaign is the first step on this journey, because the right keywords will attract the most relevant visitors, who in turn are more likely to become your customers.


The process for creating a keyword list is fairly straight-forward: first you come up with as many relevant terms as you can possibly think of, then you cut that list down to a reasonable size and prioritise it.

Creating the original list of as many relevant terms as possible can be difficult, but the following steps can help you make sure you cover off all the bases:

1 – Look at your own site

Make sure that your main products/services are covered in your keyword list. This might include brand variations, service locations, customer types (e.g. mens/womens/kids), or more. Your website should help you build a huge range of initial keywords.  Make sure you cover all your products and services.

Keyword List Step 1

2 – Spy on competitors

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