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Pay Per Click – Changing Your Billing Option

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Don’t worry if you want to change your Google Adwords Billing options – You can do it, and I can show you how.

Google Adwords is a great and easy PPC service to use, and it is so flexible, that it is very hard to ‘break’ it. However, I know many users who don’t think hard enough at the beginning of their account setup about their billing options.

Billing options in Google Adwords in Australia cannot be changed once you set them up. If you choose post pay, you are stuck with it, and vice versa. Some users might find that after a while their chosen payment method is no longer the one they wanted to use.

For example, you might get sick of constantly having to go in and top up your account, you might prefer them to debit your credit card automatically when you are running low.

Unfortunately, Google Adwords will not currently let you change your billing preferences, so what you will need to do is set up a new account. What a bother, right? Well, it is a bit of a bother, but not insurmountable.

Some people worry they will lose all their old statistics, but you won’t, because you can simply keep your old account, but pause all your campaigns. This way, you have all your old data. The account needs to be paused, because Google can get mad if they find two duplicate accounts.

The main problem with doing this is that you will have to start your new account with a completely blank performance history, so that any ‘cred’ your quality score has built up within Google Adwords, will be lost. The quicker you discover you need to change billing, the less of a problem this will be.

If you feel like you can deal with that problem, in return for getting a billing method you prefer, then this is what you do to maintain your Adwords account structure, but change your billing options

1. Download Google Adwords Editor (if you haven’t already)

2. Open your current account in Adwords Editor, then choose file, then Export whole account to CSV

3. Create a new Google Adwords account – remember you will need a new email to do this

4. Choose the correct billing method that you want to change to!

5 .Pause the campaigns in your old Google Adwords Account

6. Open up your new Adwords account in Google Adwords Editor, and this time choose “Import CSV”

7. Sometimes Adwords Editor won’t copy all your campaign settings – in particular, I find I have to go and specifically switch off the content network where necessary in the Google Adwords interface

8. Remember to go in and unlink your old account from your analytics, and link up the new account

9. Don’t forget to give access to all those other people who need access to your account, and send your customer ID to your adwords manager, if you have one.

And there you have it, your new account, with preferred billing method. If you come across problems with this, please let me know.

Using LinkedIn Direct Ads

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If you are a LinkedIn user, and if you were lucky, maybe you received a $100 free voucher for their new Direct Ads marketing tool. This free voucher enabled me to have a PPC campaign on LinkedIn (and/or) their partner network of sites, similar to Google PPC.

As a professional services provider I am pretty excited because it differentiates itself from Google Adwords by

1. Letting you expose your business to people in a professional environment.

2. Lets you choose the industry of those people (Up to 10 industries)

3. Lets you choose the ‘seniority’, and job function of your audience.

For people not experienced with Google Adwords, you might like LinkedIn Direct Ads because it has a much easier interface, you don’t have to worry about keywords. However, like Google Adwords, you do need to write short, engaging and succinct ad copy for your ads.

Like Google Adwords, you set a daily budget, and a maximum cost per click. However, the bidding is restricted to one bid for your entire campaign – and the minimum bid is 2.00.

You can choose Geographic areas, up to 10 around the world, OR you can choose sex, seniority or age.

Now, most of the LinkedIn Ads I see have got pictures with the ads – but I don’t know how to add that, the ad builder given to me did not give me that option- so maybe that is a paid extra?

Where will your ads appear?

Up the very top, just below the menu’s, there is a one line text link ad – this is, confusingly, sometimes served by DoubleClick and sometimes served by LinkedIn. I guess if you bid high enough, you might be up there.

In the right hand margin there is (currently on my page)

  • HP product list
  • Amazon reading list
  • Job Seeker Premium List

However, when I refreshed, I also got, instead of the Job Seeker ads, some LinkedIn Member Ads. Again, I guess it depends on the bidding.

Finally, in the footer, there are also two LinkedIn Member ads, and I guess mine might go here if I don’t bid high enough.

Anyway, it is a free test, and will let you know how I go. Meanwhile, if you are also going to have a go testing Linkedin Direct Ads with a voucher,  make sure you put in an end date for your campaign, just in case you forget about it, and it keeps on charging your credit card.

Update: LinkedIn Ads aren’t working great for me. After a month, and many impressions, there has been only one click.

MooMu Media Becomes a Google Adwords Certified Partner

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This year, Google updated its certification programme for Google Adwords to reflect increased requirements for Adwords professional status. While we were already qualified under the previous system, we just wanted to let everyone know that we have now achieved Certified partner status under the new system as well!

As Google Adwords Certified Partners, MooMu Media has demonstrated expertise and experience in use of Google Adwords, and you should feel confident in having your Adwords campaign managed by us.

Free Digital Marketing Advice for Small Business – Lesson 5 – Pay Per Click

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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, is paid ad vertising where you buy space on a search engine results pages.

These paid listings can be bought in Google , Bing and Yahoo (Bing and Yahoo will still have separate ad-buying interfaces), and even Baidu if you are in China. However, if you are new to search marketing, it probably isn’t worth your time and effort in learning how to use all search engines, so it might be a good idea to start with the most popular search engine – Google.

Ad space is bought by the ‘keyword’, and you bid on the keywords in an auction. This might seem intimidating, especially for a beginner, but as long as you have the money for advertising, you may as well start right now, because doing is the best way of learning.

Despite the claims of many Paid search providers, you don’t need a fancy piece of software to help you manage your account – you can do it easily within the Adwords interface. And even if you do want something more than that, the Google Adwords Editor is a free piece of software which is fantastically easy to use, and can be scaled up to huge projects – I would not recommend buying any PPC software, even for agencies, until you have reached the limitations of Google’s Adwords Editor.

There are two main ways of using Google’s PPC auction – on the Search engine results, and across their partner sites (for example, on Sydney Morning Herald). This lesson will focus on Search Engine ads.

Any of the providers you choose – Google, Yahoo, Bing – have great online interfaces to help you set up your account. They will take you through step-by-step what you need to do, so I won’t waste your time with that. But there are a few very high level things you need to get a handle on before you start your campaign:

  • Site Architecture – be organised. You might want to target hundreds or thousands of keywords, make sure they are organised well so you can track your spend and analyse your results easily. Your advertising should be sorted into campaigns and ad groups. So, for example, if you sell lawn mowers, you might want one campaign for each brand, and then one group for each product. Alternatively, if you sell only own-brand products, you can do campaigns for each product, and then ad-groups based around keyword-themes.
  • Be specific – when buying search terms in Adwords, make sure that you are not just targeting high level terms. Broad terms might have the most traffic, but they are also the most expensive and the farthest away from purchase. For example, someone searching for ‘lawn mower’ is less likely to buy than someone searching for ‘Cheapest Castrol automatic lawn mower’.
  • Test different ad-copy -you will have to write short ads, whose purpose is inducing searchers to click through to your site. Make the copy alluring, make it stand out, but also test it, test a few different versions of copy at any time. After two weeks or so (or whenever you have a good sample size), keep the best performing copy and introduce some others. Over time try and identify which aspects seem to work the best.
  • Landing Pages – Don’t send all your Adwords traffic to your home page. If your adgroup is about Castrol lawnmowers, send that traffic to your Castrol lawn mowers page. It shows visitors what they want, and will be better for conversion. Also, make sure that a customer knows what to do on your landing page – can they buy now? Order? Call for a quote? Don’t let them sit there and wonder.
  • Seasonality – Take advantage of the seasons. Unlike SEO, which has a long lead in time, PPC ads can be changed in an instant. This way you can use special promotions or change your campaign according to the time of year, or even the day of the week.  If you use special Christmas marketing in your store, remember you can use it online too! Similarly you can promote sales or other events.

Finally, as I said in a previous post, before you spend any money on AdWords, make sure you have a site worth visiting. Unlike SEO, you don’t have to start right away, you should make sure the visitors will like what they see before you pay to have them come.

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