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Hello Everyone! This week we have launched a new section of our website, for ‘Resources’. See it up there in the top menu.


In our new resources section you can find;


  • SEO FAQs – the things people most often ask about SEO, like how long will it take, and will Google penalise me for using SEO?
  • Similarly, PPC FAQs – including, why should we outsource our PPC and which search engines should we target?
  • This Blog – a never ending gold mine of genius lessons and information, from our mind to yours
  • Tools – This section has downloadable tools, to help you with Google Analytics, PPC and SEO.


The resources section will be updated regularly, with new information, tools, videos (if you’re lucky) and much more.


MooMu's Aidan Moore Speaks at SMX China

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Today, one of MooMu Media’s founders,  Aidan Moore, will be speaking at the China Search Marketing Expo in Xiamen.

The conference is part of the US originated SMX series, but is presented as bilingual, for the biggest internet market in the world (last year, China overtook the US as having the most internet users on the planet).

Aidan has previous (and current) experience working on search marketing in China having worked in Shanghai as head of a search marketing agency, and now working on China-based clients. He has spoken twice previously at search engine conferences in China.

His presentation focuses on SEO for international finance brands, and will cover:

  • What sites are doing well internationally – in the US, UK and China
  • The many different types of sites now dominating the finance market online – direct, aggregators, panels and affiliates
  • The issues inherent in optimising financial sites – particularly in the face of the Global Financial Crisis
  • Best practice for financial companies – covering the basics and advanced techniques, and using a high performing UK financial site as a case study

Hopefully Aidan will let us put the presentation up on the site as soon as the conference is over.

First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

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…and the first cliche of many.

Welcome to the MooMu Search marketing blog. This blog aims to be a source of information on happenings in search marketing, web analytics, and the internet in general.

We hope that this will not only serve as a means of making ourselves stay up to date with what is going on in the online universe, but also that it will provide some useful or interesting (or both!) reading for others.

So, what is interesting in the news today…oh what a coincidence! Today Search Engine land has posted an article about the power of business-to-business blogging.

Apparently around 12.5% of the Fortune 500 companies now have business blogs, a (growing) list of which has been compiled as a business blogging wiki.

I completely agree with Search Engine Lands assertions that business blogs help “forge relationships, talk with customers and prospects, demonstrate thought leadership, and dramatically increase visibility in natural search results for targeted search terms”.

The main reasons we have started a blog for our search marketing agency MooMu, is to demonstrate not only our expertise, but to also show the dedication of our business to keeping ourselves informed and up to date, sharing knowledge, and hopefully giving a sense of ‘reliability’ by being a regular presence on here.

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