Can Small Businesses Afford Digital Marketing?

By March 23, 2009 Digital Marketing No Comments

The other day, I googled ‘ good hairdresser Sydney’, as my hair had finally gone that one step too far beyond ‘out of control’.  The results were tres dissappointing. Out of 10 top listings, there were forum posts that were over 2 years old, newspaper articles, and directories which didn’t point to hairdressers websites. There was one actual hairdressing salon in the top 10 natural listings, and a different one was buying a paid position. 

I finally had to go on to Facebook and update my status to ask all my friends simultaneously for a recommendation – this got great results.

Small businesses, for example hairdressers, have a great opportunity online.  Just the same as insurance companies or credit card providers, there are people looking for your product or service online, but the difference is that at the moment, the competition might not be too bad. If you are an early adopter in your field, you have the opportunity of grabbing a large piece of this online market.

This is a picture of the trend for Australians typing in the term ‘ hairdresser’ into Google over the last five years. It is an upward trend which is expected as Google generally becomes more pervasive, but this is also something you could take advantage of.


For example, if you put together a website for your hairdressing salon with photo’s, location, prices, options and reviews, and then you rank on page 1 for hairdresser related terms, you should expect a lot more phone calls not only when you start, but also ongoing as more and more people embrace the internet as a research tool.  You could also buy some paid positions while you work towards your page one rankings.

What would this cost? Well, MooMu Media, for example, could start you on a white-hat, professional and sustainable SEO journey starting from only $750AUD. This will involve us teaching you all you need to know about how to get your site out there, and we will hold your hand while you do it.  If you don’t yet have a website, we can help you set up one to your budget, and optimise it from the very start.

Paid inclusion, through PPC, is done through Adwords, an account of which can be set up for as little as $10. Then you just pay for whenever someone clicks on your ad. Each click will be worth, on average, under $3, and you can turn this campaign on and off whenever you like.

There is a fantastic opportunity online for small businesses because not only are there increasing numbers of people researching products and services on the web, but also, small businesses can compete with large businesses on an even playing field online. If your site is quality and relevant, then you can rank highly – it doesn’t matter what your advertising budget is.

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