Black Hat SEO Tricks

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Black Hat SEO is a method of undertaking Search Engine Optimisation which is considered risky, unethical and unprofessional. This would be because they either break the search engine regulations or misrepresent content between search engine spiders and search engine users.

Most large companies, or those with good reputations, would not want to undertake black hat SEO on their business sites due to the possibility of their site being removed from the search engines (which would be disastrous to most businesses), or due to the fact that some black hat techniques can make their site look spammy or unprofessional.

MooMu Media provides SEO services to businesses who use their website to improve their bottom line, businesses whose websites are important to them. For that reason, we don’t undertake any black hat or even spammy-looking SEO on our clients sites.

Businesses need to be careful when using agencies that do use black hat SEO techniques, and need to understand the possible ramifications of them. Most professional SEO agencies will not use them, but if you are worried you need to make sure your agency is 100% transparent on the work they do, and also check if they are doing any of these…

  • Keyword stuffing – excessive and inappropriate placement of keywords on your page. This might be either visible to users (which is spammy and unprofessional), or as invisible text (same colour as the background, this is twice as bad!)
  • Doorway pages – a landing page built for seearch engines, that a user never actually sees
  • Link Farming – where your site joins a group where you all link to each other
  • Hidden content – using comment tags or no script tags
  • Meta keyword stuffing-excessive use of keywords in the meta data
  • Inappropriate meta keywords – rather than using targetted lists, you just list every word you can think of that might ever be relevant – this is spammy and relatively useless.

As a general rule, proper Search Engine Optimisation should always mean improvements to your site. So you know it will be a white hat SEO technique if, even without benefits to search engine rankings, it would still be beneficial to do it.

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